It's a Price War and a Beauty Contest--

and You have to win BOTH!
1.  Price the House Correctly  -  It has been said that 95% of marketing is price.
  • Price is the most important factor in getting your house sold
  • The golden window of time is when the house is first on the market
  • Priced too high, it is very hard to ever catch up        
  • Even with a very good offer, the house must appraise for the contract amount in order for the buyer to obtain the loan
  • Analyze the comparable sales over the past six months
  • Understand that other houses on the market are your competition, but those prices are not necessarily the final sales price
  • A real estate professional who knows the current market can help  you set a realistic, objective price

2.  Develop Curb Appeal  -  85% of buyer reaction occurs in front of the house. You don't get a second chance to make a first impression!

  •  Apply fresh paint to house and trim and consider updating color selection
  •  Trim hedge to window-sill level
  •  Remove dead or diseased trees
  •  Cut back any tree limbs over roof
  •  Pressure wash driveway, walk and front steps
  •  Plant seasonal flowers
  •  Put out fresh pine straw
  •  Be sure to edge walkways and curb

3.  Prepare the Inside, All Rooms  -  Buying a house is like falling in love. There has to be good chemistry for things to develop.

  • Consider having a home inspection so that you really know the condition
  • Declutter, declutter, declutter
  • Rent a storage facility if you must keep all your possessions
  • Reevaluate furniture placement and remove possible excess pieces
  • Paint as needed and neutralize any strong colors
  • Understand that wallpaper is taste-specific and may be best removed
  • Repair any leaking faucets
  • Eliminate items from kitchen counters and refrigerator doors
  • Consider updating light fixtures
  • Clean windows inside and out
  • Clean out closets, cabinets and pantry
  • Remove most if not all family pictures
  • Eliminate odors—pets, cooking, strong cleaning products and smoke
  • House must be spotlessly clean

4.  Catch up on Exterior Maintenance  -  This is closely related to curb appeal and will be important at inspection time when your house is under contract.

  •  Make sure exterior paint is in good condition
  •  Clean gutters and check for proper slope for water flow
  •  Remove leaves and straw from roof
  •  Replace rotten fascia boards and trim
  •  Check caulking between chimney and roof and also at any vent pipes
  •  Be sure all door locks and door bells work properly

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