PRELIMINARY: In today’s real estate world, many buyers begin the search for a home on their own long before they are actually ready to buy.  There are many websites that provide access to houses on the market, and buyers begin to “surf,” getting acquainted with properties and prices.  However, a real estate professional can help by providing in-depth information about the city—neighborhoods, schools, resources and amenities as well as detail about specific houses.    Let me help you with the details!

WHEN YOU’RE READY:  When are you are serious about making a purchase, unless it will be all-cash, the most important step is to connect with a lender to determine the price point you can afford.  A lender or mortgage broker can often give basic guidance by phone.  However, when it’s time to make an offer, it is important to have written documentation from a mortgage professional that will be included in the package.  This is referred to as the “proof of funds” letter and should be included with all-cash offers or used when a mortgage is required.  That way the seller will know that you are qualified and that the offer is serious.  Such a letter is usually valid for thirty days from issuance.   Ask me for names of outstanding lenders who will be dependable and responsive throughout the loan process!

CONNECT WITH A REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONAL:  When you work with a licensed realtor, you have someone on your side to help locate houses that meet your criteria.  I can advise on  how long a house has been on the market, when the last price reduction (if any) was made, any existing, recorded loans, and how the price compares with the sales prices of other similar homes.

Another important aspect of working with me is having a professional to help you negotiate offers and advise on issues that may be present with the house.  Of course, a home inspection will provide a complete review of the house to include areas not easily accessible to the buyer and agent.  I can help with issues that you didn’t even know to ask about.

APPLY FOR A LOAN:  After an offer has been accepted, the usual inspections of the property have been completed and any resulting issues resolved, you should then make formal application for a loan.
APPRAISAL:  This is probably the last big hurdle.  As part of the loan process, when the application is complete the lender will arrange for an appraiser to assess the value of the property. This is to ensure that the appraised value will at least be equal to the contract price and therefore support the loan.  Because lending rules have become much more stringent, appraisals are now stricter, and the sale ultimately depends on the appraisal.

CLOSING AND FOLLOW-UP:  You should get a copy of the preliminary closing statement to review prior to closing and I will help answer any questions you may have.  Following closing, you will be provided information about filing for homestead exemption on your new home which will save you a great deal in property taxes.  I continue to be available after the sale for questions, advice and help.  Just ask my references shown under the “Testimonials” tab. 

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