Staging Your Home!

What is staging?  In today’s real estate world, staging has become an everyday term.  We see it on home improvement shows on TV, in magazines and other publications.  It has broad meaning, from simply de-cluttering and rearranging furnishings, to changing paint colors, light fixtures, and furniture, to a complete make-over with outside furniture and accessories brought into the home.  Some owners may invest months of preparation to get the house ready for market. 

Why stage?  Buying a home, like falling in love, is an emotional experience, and the better the initial chemistry, the better the chance of success.  Because of the large number of choices available to home buyers today, the competition is strong in any price point.  National studies by realtor groups have demonstrated that staged homes sell for more money and faster than unstaged homes.  Many buyers today are two-income families who simply do not have the time to update or re-do a house.  Therefore, the “move-in ready” houses often win out over those that require time and money to develop their potential.

What can I offer?  With a license as an interior decorator and an extensive background in renovation, I can provide an overview of things needed and offer cost-effective solutions as part of my basic listing service.   At times I am able to bring in furnishings and accessories to supplement existing things or work with vacant properties to enhance their marketability.

Below are examples of clients' homes that I have staged. 

Click on any picture for a slideshow.

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