Below are just a few of my past clients' comments. Feel free to contact any for further information.

Noe:  Jane was not only my real estate agent but she truly became my friend. She patiently guided me through several updating decisions (as she is always spot-on with market trends) and her staging was invaluable in the final sale.  When this woman speaks it pays to listen! I would be very open to speaking with anyone considering using Jane’s services.   404-291-3663

 Hambric:  I had a trusted referral to Jane, and began working with her while considering selling my home in Inman Park.  We knew that to maximize the price we had to address some issues and opportunities with the property.  Jane generously provided her expertise in developing the plan and did a great job of staging the house.  We had a full price offer with no closing costs almost immediately.  Jane made the process very painless and I would highly recommend working with her. 404-432-6891

 DuVal:  Once I decided to move to a condo, I contacted Jane Meeks for a consultation on what needed to be done to prepare my house for sale.  I followed her suggestions, and her excellent marketing produced results.  We had an offer in less than 24 hours and a back-up offer. 
It was exciting to see my house sell so quickly.

Cornells: Thank you once again for rocking it! You are the most wonderful professional and we can't thank you enough for your endless energy, precision, and expertise. 918-859-1804

Your approach has reaffirmed our belief in the benefits of having a real estate agent.  Over the past few years, we've worked with you to buy and sell several properties. You exceeded our expectations every time. You understood the way we wanted to market our property and helped us tremendously to stage it properly.  With your guidance, we sold the house in just one day. There is no question that you were essential to that very successful outcome.  404-274-9725

Bradley:  It was a pleasure working with you and i am only sorry we didn't meet sooner. You are one of the best realtors Atlanta has and Marshall is lucky to have you. It's not all about the money, it's about the customer service, organization, and ability to follow through. 
404 272-1275

:  For my first investment purchase, Jane showed me many houses over a 6-month period. Each trip was an adventure and an education. She showed me the good, the bad, and the ugly—anything I wanted to see. She could discern major structural problems that I couldn’t see and the hidden potential of superficially ugly houses. She was like the best friend who supported me through the ups and downs of dating houses. Once we found the right house to purchase, her expertise in transforming houses became invaluable. She and Lamar (husband) showed up to offer every kind of help imaginable. Now we have purchased our second investment home. Jane’s enthusiasm is backed by real experience, real solutions to perplexing problems, real perseverance. I would recommend Jane Meeks as an agent to anyone. 404-754-8029

: Thank you for helping with the sale of my house in Morningside.  Not only were you efficient, competent and effective, but you were willing to listen to me and my thoughts and concerns.  An aspect that was very helpful was advising me on things necessary to get my house sold such as painting, floor repair, and lighting.  Then you provided contractors who were cost efficient.  Also, your husband, Lamar, was a real asset in helping with various aspects of the job.  I think you are an outstanding realtor and I would be happy to recommend you to anyone. 404-872-0538

Stanfield:  You certainly went beyond the call of duty in working out the problems we encountered in getting the house ready to sell and in finding a buyer during these economically difficult times.  We particularly appreciate your courtesy, patience and personal concern.  Don’t hesitate to give our names and telephone numbers as references.  770-487-7494,

Stewart:  After interviewing real estate agents in my area, I chose Jane Meeks not only for her patience, friendliness, and professional courtesy, but for her demonstrated ability to promote my house and improve its deficiencies.  She was able to recommend reasonable renovations:  the painter, flooring contractor, electrician, roofer and brick mason—all excellent choices.  Her attention to detail in staging my house and yard was invaluable. 678-867-7190, 770-861-1537.

Spurlock:  We want to thank you for your help in selling our house.  Your advice was invaluable.  At first we were reluctant to neutralize our house, but on your advice we went ahead.  The first person who saw it after the work was complete bought it.  You did a great job and we will always be grateful.  404-634-6758, 404-281-1489, 404-219-9862,

Fleming:  Selling our beloved home of 37 years was a sad experience for us—until you became our realtor:  our encourager, inspirer, our friend.  You went that extra mile until the very end. Your enthusiasm helped us through a difficult experience.  We shall always be grateful to you for a job well done. 404-636-0259, 404-376-0285.

Faires:  I would like to say how pleased I am that I engaged Jane Meeks when I decided to sell my home and find another  She advised me to make some cosmetic updates and brought in staging furniture which greatly improved the appeal of the home.  I had an offer in 4 days.  I was also fortunate to have her advice and assistance in selecting my new home and glad to have someone with experience on my side when negotiating.  Throughout the process she was very enthusiastic and encouraging, as well as accessible.  404-906-4227, 770-557-0660, .

Hamilton:  I have used Jane Meeks as my realtor to sell two homes and buy another.  Jane is hard working and dedicated to getting the job done.  One of my favorite things about her is that she is very easy to get in contact with.  She answers her phone calls almost 100% of the time or she returns them promptly.  She is very experienced and brings a wealth of knowledge with her.  I would recommend her to anyone. 
770-842-2244, 770-817-4267

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